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Cellular Shades

These versatile shades are available in a variety of styles & control options, and are a practical solution for all windows. cellular Shades are identified by their unique honeycomb-shaped air pockets or "cells" that run the width of the fabric. These pockets are designed to help insulate your windows and save energy by trapping cold air in the winter are warm air in the summer.

All of our cellular fabrics feature a unique "D" shaped cell, which maintains uniform, crisp pleats and prevents the fabric from sagging over time. Cellular Shades are extremely customizable and crafted to ensure functionality for years to come.

Roller Shades

A simple shade with a large impact, the popular Roller Shade offers much versatility. Choose a blackout fabric and enjoy complete privacy; or a light filtering fabric for a soft diffused light; or lastly a solar fabric to minimize the amount of UV rays entering a room while maximizing your view of the outdoors.

This remarkably modern and stylish shade offers many possibilities.

Sheer Horizontal Shades

A comfortable look that makes an impact, the classic Sheer Horizontal Shade compliments any space. Slightly rotate the veins for a soft veiled view of the outdoors or rotate fully to enjoy complete privacy.

This unparalleled shade offers both UV protection and head control with 3" wide veins in light filtering and room darkening fabrics.

High-Lite Shades

A distinctive look that makes a statement, the revolutionary High-Lite® Shades adds personality to a room. Stagger the opaque bands of fabric to enjoy complete privacy; line them up to take in the outdoor view; or raise the shade completely.

This remarkably modern and stylish shade offers you both UV protections and heat control with 3" to 5" wide bands in light filtering and room darkening fabrics.


Everyone's ideal sleep environment is different and it can be difficult to find the right balance of natural light.

Whether you need a complete blackout or just a subtle hint of moonlight, we have a plethora of options to help you get a more restful sleep. Our automated blinds are also perfect for those who rise best with the natural sunlight of morning.


If your TV room gets too much sunlight, the glare may hinder your viewing experience during the day.

That's why we offer light filtering options that can leave your living area bright and cozy, while also cutting down on direct sunlight that causes glare.

UV Exposure

Depending on the direction your window is facing, your room may be exposed to bright morning sun or intense afternoon light that can damage your furniture.

Fitting high exposure rooms with UV Protecting fabrics is a must, and our automated blind solution can lift and lower them throughout the day so you don't have to.

Temperature Control

With too much UV exposure throughout your home, you may find it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

Our blinds have been specifically engineered to insulate your home from outdoor heat to keep you cool and save on energy costs year round.

Premium Materials

With hundreds of colors and textures to choose from in a variety of light filtering and blackout options, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect accent to match the mood of each space.